Friday, December 2, 2011

DOUGHLETTES: What to do with that extra crust

I'm making parsnip pie (no glaze) and I always hand make my crusts (this recipe this time...and it took forever because I don't have a huge food processor or a pastry stuffer, so I had to use a fork). Well, after laying it in the pan and trimming, I had just enough crust left over NOT to be able to make a pie with, but NOT to want to throw away. So, I did this:

Basically, I rolled the remaining dough into very thin "slices" of dough, fried 'em, and dipped 'em in cinnamon and sugar.

Prepare a plate or flat surface with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Measurements......I was improvising so I have no idea. Just until it looks good. Break apart the excess dough into small balls and roll each one. You'll want to roll them very thin, but not so thin they'll break. Put butter and a little salt in the frying pan and melt it. Place the doughlettes in until the bottom becomes white. Flip until the other becomes white. Flip once more to make 'em a little golden brown. Immediately place them in the cinnamon/sugar mix and flip. Set aside and let cool.

They're not like anything else I've ever eaten. The texture is like a flaky pie crust (derp because that's what it is), but you expect it to be like a cookie or a tortilla even. Anyway, it's delicious! TRY IT! Pin It

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