Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two great tastes....

I haven't shared that many of my recipes here. I am not a cook by trade. Actually, I'm kind of a horrible cook. I'm pretty good with salads because, although some assembly may be required, there's no COOKING involved.

I have absolutely NO "training." I have a few things that I know work, for example, caramelized onions make most savory things taste AWESOME. Fresh garlic is my friend. Don't overheat oil. Small stuff like that. However, my parents never taught me how to cook. I have a few cookbooks and when I follow them, the results are usually good.

However, if left to my own devices.....

The downside of not knowing anything about cooking is...well...I don't know anything about cooking. This leaves room for a LOT of experiments, which often go awry, but that I eat anyway because I'm poor and can't be throwing away food all the time. I've made a few pretty nasty things, but not any one thing that was so terrible I can remember not to make it again.

On the other hand, because I have no training and little experience with cooking, I am uninhibited about unusual combinations that most people would "know" don't go together because they've either been told they don't or they just haven't been shown that they do. I've come up with some bizarre, but delicious experiments.

A few that come to mind (recipes...some time later):

Fruit curry
Sweet scrambled eggs
Fried onion crusted tilapia
Asian inspired tilapia
Stinky soup (tastes awesome though)
Breakfast quinoa
Breakfast amaranth
Katie Mash (involves sweet potatoes, beans, sugar, chili pepper)
Katie's vegan burritos

So, provided I have messed up a lot of stuff, burned a lot of stuff, and eaten a lot of stuff that I was just too poor to throw away, I have still come up with some pretty rockin' and creative things too. I'd say there's about a 5:1 fail:success ratio.

Alas, if you think you suck at something, you may very well be the one to revolutionize it!

...not that I'm a revolutionary cook. Pin It

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