Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to remove burn stains from pots and pans

If you're a terrible cook with a short attention span like I am, you've probably burnt more than your fair share of things. Black spots and rings around pots (OMG I'm a poet and I don't......wanna be) may seem impossible to remove. You scrub, scrub, scrub, get out the S.O.S. pads, work your hands to the bone, but nothing seems to help. Well, here's a solution (in both definitions of the word):

Warning - Federal law...probably prohibits this b/c of mixing chemicals n shit. Just stand back a bit when you're doing it.


Baking soda
White vinegar
A dryer sheet

Completely cover the burnt area of the pot with baking soda and Comet. Add enough white vinegar to cover the burnt area as well. Add about a cap full of bleach and top it off with a nice dryer sheet. You will want to add water so that you get about 2-3 inches (1 inch for a pan) of liquid in the pot. Set it on the stove and boil it for about 10-20 minutes. The heat will cause some serious foamage, so do not leave this sitting. Plus, if you let it go too long, you'll burn the pot again and have to start all over and trust me, scrubbing a burnt dryer sheet off it is no fun.

After boiling, allow to cool and leave it overnight. Rinse and scrub any left over burn residue. There may be a few tiny spots, but they will have loosened and will come off fairly easily.

For extreme cases, you may need to increase the water and boil time as well as the wait time. You may also have to repeat if it doesn't work the first time, but I've never had that happen.

I have NO idea how or why this works, but it's tried and true. I promise it will help and if not, well, then leave me a bunch of nasty comments if you will. Pin It

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